Lamborghini Aventador : Machine and Variant

Lamborghini Aventador
Lamborghini Aventador

The Lamborghini Aventador (Spanish pronunciation: [aβentaˈðoɾ]) is a mid-engined sports car produced by the Italian automotive manufacturer Lamborghini. In keeping with Lamborghini tradition, the Aventador was named after the Spanish fighting bull in Zaragoza, Aragón in 1993.

Lamborghini was officially launched at the Geneva Motor Show on February 28, 2011. 5 months after its first introduction at Sant'Agata Bolognese. With the car code LB834, this car replaces the Murciélago as the most expensive car in the company.

Following the launch of the Aventador, Lamborghini announced that it had been selling it for more than 12 months from the production vehicle, with deliveries starting in the second half of 2011.


The Aventador LP700-4 uses a new 6.5 liter V12 engine with a 60° angle that produces 700 PS (510 kW; 690 hp) and weighs 235kg. Known internally as the L539, this new engine is the fourth engine Lamborghini has produced and is also their second V12 engine design. This engine is a completely new V12 engine since the 3.5 liter engine used in the 350GT.

Lamborghini Aventador Variant

Aventador LP700-4 Roadster

The Aventador LP700-4 Roadster was announced for production on 27 December 2012, equipped with the same V12 engine as the coupe version, Lamborghini claims again that it can reach 100 km/h (62 mph) in 2.9 seconds and the same top speed as the version. coupe, 349 km/h (217 mph).

The removable roof consists of two carbon fiber panels, weighing 6 kg (13 lb) each, requiring reinforcement of the rear pillars to compensate for the loss of structural integrity as well as to accommodate overturning protection and a ventilation system for the engine. The Roof Panel is designed for easy storage in the front trunk.

The Aventador Roadster features a unique engine hood design and attachable wind deflectors to improve cabin airflow at high speeds as well as a gloss black finish on the Pillar-A, glass header, roof panels and rear window area.

The car has a base price of US$441,600. With a total weight of 1,625 kg (3,583 lb) it is only 50 kg (110 lb) heavier than the coupé (roof weight, plus additional frame in the sills and A-pillar).

Aventador LP750-4 Super Veloce

The Aventador LP750-4 SuperVeloce was unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show in March 2015. It features an upgraded powertrain, with maximum horsepower increased to 559 kW (750 bhp) from 522 kW (700 bhp).

Combined with a 50 kg (110 lb) weight reduction from the increased use of carbon fiber both inside and outside the car the LP 750-4 SV has a power to weight ratio of 1 hp to 2 kg. The car also features increased aerodynamics, with downforce increased by 180% compared to the standard Aventador model.

The most notable aerodynamic upgrades are a revised front splitter and rear diffuser, and a rear wing. This car is available in 34 basic colors. The driving dynamics of the car have also been improved, new electronic steering improved for increased maneuverability at high speeds, magnetic pushrod suspension for precise handling, and chassis improvements to increase rigidity.

Overall the LP 750-4 SV's acceleration from 0-100 km/h (0-62 mph) decreased from 2.9 seconds to 2.8 seconds, with the theoretical top speed still "somewhere more" of 349 km/h ( 217 mph). Car deliveries began in the second quarter of 2015.

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