Daihatsu New Sirion Launches, More Stylish and Fun to Drive

Daihatsu New Sirion Launches, More Stylish and Fun to Drive

PT Astra Daihatsu Motor (ADM) officially launched the facelift of the Daihatsu Sirion, or the so-called New Sirion, on Thursday (2/6/2022) at Summarecon Mall Serpong, Tangerang.

This hatchback city car carries three major themes for its refreshment, namely a more stylish design, fun to drive character, and driving comfort. Targeting customers who are young at heart, the New Sirion's appearance is now more attractive thanks to the new bumper that adjusts the body lines, new headlamps, and also black side mirrors.

The mirror can also be folded automatically, so users don't have to bother adjusting it when going in and out of narrow lanes. The driving pleasure offered by the New Sirion is represented by the presence of a meter cluster equipped with a modern MID. Various information such as driving distance, fuel usage, and more, can be selected through interactive menu.

The head unit in the middle can also be connected to a smartphone. It already supports Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. The fun to drive character is further strengthened by the presence of a D-CVT transmission for more responsive acceleration. In order to increase comfort behind the wheel, the New Sirion is equipped with an air purifier. Considering the unfinished Covid-19 pandemic, this is an essential touch.

You will also feel safe knowing that this car has a Speed ​​Sensing Door Lock feature. When driving more than 20 km/h, the door will automatically lock. This will eliminate concerns about passenger safety, especially when carrying the baby.

The Hill Start Assist (HSA) feature ensures that you can control the vehicle when it stops on the way up. There are a few seconds before the car moves backwards. Good news for customers' pockets, there is also an Idle Stop System feature that turns off the engine automatically when idle, for example at a red light.

This is very useful for saving fuel. Based on Daihatsu's internal testing, the efficiency can be around 10 percent (18 km/liter in the old model to 21 km/liter at this time). PT. ADM presents two variants of the New Sirion for customers, namely the 1.3 X CVT and 1.3 R CVT. Regarding the price, the Daihatsu New Sirion 1.3 X CVT is priced at IDR 227,600,000, while the 1.3 R CVT is set at IDR 236.800.000 (on the road in Jakarta).

"Through a number of updates and competitive prices, we hope that the New Sirion can sell at least 100 units per month. We believe there are still fans of this segment, especially young people," said Head of Marketing and Customer Relations Division of PT ADM, Hendrayadi Lastiyoso.

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