Mercedes-Benz Background, Hundreds of Years Shade the Automotive Globe

Mercedes-Benz Logo

German luxury car producer Mercedes-Benz has actually been around for even more than a century. Mercedes-Benz has undergone a long history as well as is currently component of a big name on the planet automotive industry.

Numerous distinct as well as important backgrounds have been carved by Mercedes considering that its birth, including the name, automobile style to the renowned logo design.

Mercedes-Benz started as 2 guys named Karl Benz and also Gottlieb Daimler that were figured out to free the world from horse-powered transportation. In the 1880s, the two studied and also found the automobile individually in Southern Germany.

Daimler and its chief-engineer, Wilhelm Maybach, jointly invented the four-stroke engine, both collaborating at Cannstatt. Meanwhile Benz has his store in Mannheim near Heidelberg.

Although both are in Southern Germany, there is no record that reveals that the two innovators had actually fulfilled face to face. In April 1900, Daimler-Motoren-Gesselschaft (DMG) got the name Mercedes from an entrepreneur named Emil Jellinek. The vehicle dealership business owner was the very first to make use of the name Mercedes, which was named after his daughter.

Mercedes made use of Jellinek to be the name of the DMG race auto, which was first used in the 35 hp Mercedes made by Wilhelm Maybach as well as Paul Daimler. Mercedes 35 hp was really successful by winning nearly all the races kept in Good (France), the city of Jellinek was domiciled at that time.

Design Leaders

Discussing layout, this high-end auto brand name has additionally indirectly formed the trend of four-wheeled car style that puts on now. Beginning in the 1930s when Mercedes created vehicles with liquid, streaming lines, with rounded elements. This design style was marked by the 500 K design in 1934, and the 540 K continued as its successor in 1936.

This model is considered to be the object of automotive perfection and also charm. In that era, the 500 K and 540 K produced the modern Mercedes-Benz sports car as well as roadster trend.

The modern-day era of auto design was progressively affected by Mercedes-Benz with the birth of the 180 model, which pioneered the 'pontoon' design style. The Model 180 is the first vehicle to take on a "3 box" layout configuration, including an engine compartment, passenger area as well as travel luggage compartment. This format is not just useful, but likewise has much better security.


The 180's design style is characterized by for the very first time the fenders as well as headlights are completely integrated into the body, in addition to the engine bay and back trunk. The outcome, a harmonious interior for the criteria of the age.

The design principle of the 180 then proceeds to be used and established as a requirement for Mercedes-Benz sedans to now. Beginning with the 600 Gross, S-Class, E-Class, C-Class and A-Class Sedans were born on the three-box arrangement pioneered by the 180. 

Considering that after that, Mercedes-Benz has actually remained to create its item array with famous designs and also cutting-edge modern technologies. Call it the 300 SL Gullwing, 220 S 'Fintail', to Gelandewagen (G-Wagen) also known as G-Class.

Besides the automobile style, something that many individuals will certainly acknowledge from Mercedes is the famous three-pointed star logo. The production of this logo originates from Gottlieb Daimler's vision of the universal usage of his engine "ashore, on water and also airborne".

Registered as a profession sign in 1909 by the DMG, this logo design did not originally have a ring aspect on the exterior of the star. It wasn't until 1913 that the star logo that decorated the radiator was provided a large ring and also words "Mercedes" with 4 tiny celebrities inside.

Prior to joining, Mercedes was a rival to Benz & Cie, which back then likewise possessed the trademark. The business possessed by Carl Benz during that time was no much less innovative, by creating the initial burning engine that can penetrate the rate of 200 kilometers per hr. DMG and also Benz after that combined in 1926, and also ultimately the name Mercedes-Benz was created.

The merging of these two industrial entities is marked by the combining of the Mercedes and Benz logos. The three-pointed star logo design is placed in the middle, with the names Mercedes and also Benz on the leading and lower specifically.

There are small modifications to this brand-new logo design. A wreath or laurel of the Benz logo formerly enclosed the celebrity logo. Well, this combination is used by this German manufacturer till now.

On October 7, 1927 the Mercedes-Benz name was signed up as a hallmark, followed by the logo officially signed up on August 28, 1928. The Mercedes-Benz name and logo are referred to as a symbol of custom, development and luxury in the automotive world.

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