Complete History of Ferrari Cars

Famous for having a classic red look, this car from Italy looks fierce when used for racing. In addition, the classic Ferrari is also famous for its yellow background color. Before being known as it is now and entering a row of luxury cars worth billions of rupiah, Ferrari's debut began in 1929.

At the end of 1929 an Italian man named Enzo Anselmo Ferrari intended to build a company for the production of super cars. He wanted to make sports cars, super cars and various types of racing cars. Later the car became known as the Prancing Horse logo, which was inspired by a painting on the fuselage of a fighter plane flown by Francesco Barraca during World War 1.

Ferrari Logo
Logo Ferrari

In addition, the Prancing Horse logo on Ferrari was also suggested by Count Enrico Baracca and Countess Paolina Baracca as a symbol of good luck. And, sure enough, after the logo was known to belong to Ferrari, a lot of luck accompanied it.

Before he finally decided to build a Ferrari, this intention actually started when he was having dinner. Enzo, who at that time met the Caniato brothers (Augusto Caniato and Alfredo Caniato) and racer Mario Tadini in the city of Bologna, Italy, got the idea of ​​establishing a Ferrari team.

The team immediately got lucky in 1932, winning a race at the Savio circuit, Ravenna Italy. In the same year also coincided with the birth of Enzo's first son named Alfredo Ferrari or better known as Dino Ferrari.

Even more shining thanks to their first win, in the same year they also finally participated in the 24 Hours of Le Mans. When he came down for the second time, he used the Alfa Romeo 8C 2300 Spiders production car, which amounted to two units.

Then Enzo's team won for the first time. They managed to bring victory to the 1st and 2nd place. The victory finally became the point where he was drawn to become a manager and talent scout for Alfa Romeo's racing division called Alfa Corse.

But in 1939, Enzo opted out of Alfa and created his own racing company called Auto Avio Costruzioni Ferrari.

In running the company he made an agreement with Alfa to get the remnants of Alfa Romeo cars that did not participate in the race. From these tools, Enzo then immediately designed The Tipo 815 (V8 1500cc).

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