The History of Bentley Brand Cars in the World

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Bentley is a well-known automotive company in the United Kingdom. Do you know a vehicle with the Rolls Royce brand? Yes, Bentley is part of the company that produces Rolls Royce. This class of luxury car companies really determines the world's luxury automotive style.

The world's motorcycle manufacturing company named Bentley Motor was founded on January 18, 1919 by Walter Owen Bentley or better known as W.O or W.O Bentley. Bentley founded his company in Cricklewood, north of London, England. The strength and reliability of the car made by Bentley has been tested by various competitions that he participated in.

The first car made by Bentley even recorded its winning record several times in a row at the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1924, 1927, 1928, 1929, 1930, and 2003. Bentley's journey in achieving success to make luxury motorbikes and sports motorbikes not easy, the economic crisis and the world war made Bentley have to fall and rise.

Conditions that were so unfavorable for Bentley during the economic crisis and world war conditions forced the Bentley Motor company to be sold to Rolls Royce in 1931. At that time, the founder of Bentley Motor was in a deep depression due to the economic downturn. Along with the times, luxury car manufacturers are up and down.

However, the ownership of the Bentley brand by Rolls Roys did not last long, in 1971 the Rolls Royce company was split into two, namely the aerospace division (Rolls Royce plc) and the automotive division (Rolls Royce Motors Limited). Bentley is a subdivision of Rolls Royce Motors Limited as a provider and manufacturer of motor vehicles.

The state of the world economic crisis which is not favorable for the founders and makers of luxury cars has made many companies out of business, some of them sell their shares and even their companies to continue to operate. In 1998, the Bentley brand was purchased by the Volkswagen Group, a leading European automotive company.

Until now, the copyright and engine production rights for vehicles with the Bentley brand were acquired by the Volkswagens Dresden Factory located in Germany. Sales of luxury vehicles under the Bentley brand have been sold all over the world with extraordinary fans because of their quality, while in November 2012 the largest market was in China.

Until now, Bentley Motors is still producing as an automotive company that produces luxury cars in the world under the auspices of the Volkswagen Group. Its production is also encouraged to produce luxury cars with luxurious facilities, as well as sports cars which are loved by many of the world's top businessmen.

Facts About Bentley

Expensive sports cars like Bentley are indeed not just anyone can buy and own because this car is quite limited for world sales and the price is exorbitant. However, even though the price is exorbitant and quite difficult to obtain, there are quite a lot of enthusiasts for this Bentley car from Indonesian conglomerates.

This Bentley car is partly a hand made assembly car from its factory in England, so don't be surprised if the price of one unit of this Bentley car can reach tens of billions of rupiah. In addition, this expensive car is also equipped with all its luxuries from a charming and elegant exterior design, to a very comfortable interior design.


The material used to make the body of this Bentley car is also not kidding. The body of the Bentley Continental GT as one of the cheapest cars among the types of Bentley sold in Indonesia is actually made of aircraft body materials. You can imagine how dynamic and luxurious this sports car is.

The manufacture of this car body is also quite long because the aluminum used requires temperatures of up to 500 degrees Celsius to be able to produce the body shape according to the wishes of the Bentley car designer. With aircraft body materials, Bentley cars are quite light and aerodynamic cars.

Bentley car interiors are made of high quality and comfortable materials, ranging from car seats, carpets, dashboards, car doors and so on according to the level of comfort and satisfaction of customers who will use the car. as a sports car, it turns out that the Bentley car is equipped with 3 driving modes.

The three driving modes include Comfort Mode, Bentley Mode and Sport Mode. The three modes can be adjusted according to the needs of the driver, so that the engine and fuel capacity used can be adjusted as efficiently as possible to the user's needs. Because as a sports car, of course, it is not efficient when used in normal circumstances.

The Bentley car as a sports car is also supported by a TSI W 12 engine with a capacity of 6000 cc with twin turbo charged which is capable of generating power up to 635 hp. This car is also equipped with intelligent technology that can ensure your ride becomes more responsive, handling and fighting on any road conditions.

All this comfort and beauty is also supported by the availability of security facilities that are owned by every side of the Bentley car. Security modes are equipped from passenger hot air balloons to anti-stalker and burglar alarm technology modes. Driver security cameras and other sensors.

As a racing car, this Bentley car can be ridden by 4 people and can be used as a fun and comfortable private car.

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