Suzuki Swift itself is a hatchback type car produced by the Suzuki automotive company. Suzuki Swift itself was first released at the Paris Auto Salon 2004. Japan itself Suzuki Swift is equipped with 4 engine variants that all use gasoline.

In Indonesia, the Suzuki Swift was originally imported intact from Japan in 2005 to replace the Suzuki Ignis, but eventually this car was assembled in Indonesia, namely in the Bekasi area, West Java in 2006.

Suzuki Swift itself was released from 2005 to August 2012, and now the Suzuki Swift is in its third generation which was launched in November 2012, which previously launched the MPV version of the Suzuki Swift, namely the Suzuki Ertiga in April 2012.


The Suzuki Swift car itself has a very distinctive appearance plus the support for accessories on this car body which makes the Suzuki Swift look more sporty. For the appearance itself, the Suzuki Swift has been equipped with a body kit on all parts of this car.

Not only the appearance of the body that attracts attention, the Suzuki Swift has also been supported by an engine that has powerful power. For the latest Suzuki Swift itself, it is divided into 2 types, namely the standard type and the sport type.

For the sport type itself, which has a very powerful engine capacity, the Suzuki Swift itself is often compared to its competitor, the Honda Jazz, which has very tight quality competition in our opinion.

For the Eksteriros itself, the Suzuki Swift has a City Car-style concept that has a sporty and dashing body design. The Suzuki Swift Body itself has been added with a series of body kits on the sides so that the sporty impression is very thick on this car.

For the Head Lamp itself, this car is equipped with a fairly large Head Lamp which is equipped with HID Projector technology so that the lighting of this car can illuminate the road very well.

On the front of the Suzuki Swift body kit itself is equipped with two Foglamps that function to illuminate the lighting when fog is happening so you can see the road clearly with the Foglamp on the Suzuki Swift.

Switching to the side of the Suzuki Swift itself, it is equipped with new Retractable Outer Mirror technology and LED lights. Finally, on the back of the car itself, this car has a very sporty rear view because it is equipped with a spoiler which is equipped with a red LED so that the sporty aura of this car is very thick.

For the interior itself, the Suzuki Swift has a fairly spacious cabin plus an interior display that is designed to be very luxurious and comfortable. On the steering wheel, the latest Suzuki Swift is equipped with a steering wheel that has been coated with soft leather so that it is very comfortable when held for a long time.

On the dashboard, the Suzuki Swiftjuka is equipped with a fairly complete instrument panel, such as a sporty multi-information display and a high-grade meter cluster. Suzuki Swift is also equipped with a MID Digital Display which features an indicator clock, mileage, fuel consumption and the temperature outside the cabin.

The interior of the Suzuki Swift is also equipped with an AC operational panel with an Advance Audio Equipment panel that has been installed on the Suzuki Swift dashboard.

For the seat itself, the Suzuki Swift has seats that have good materials that have an attractive design and are equipped with a Seat Height Adjuster for the comfort of your body position. The front and rear seats are also equipped with seatbelts.

In the trunk itself, the Suzuki Swift does have a fairly wide trunk, but if you want to carry a lot of stuff, you can fold the passenger row seats to get more storage space.

The Suzuki Swift engine itself has 2 types of engines. In the Suzuki Swift, the GS and GX types have the same engine, while the sport type has a different engine from the GS and GX types. For the GS and GX types themselves, it is supported by the K14B DOHC VVT engine which has an engine capacity of 1,372 cc.

The engine is a 16 valve engine with 4 cylinders in line, with the Suzuki Swift type GS and GX engine capable of producing a maximum power of 95 PS or equivalent to 6,000 rpm engine speed with a maximum torque of 130 Nm or equivalent to 4,000 rpm.

On the Suzuki Swift sport engine itself, it uses an M16A type engine which has an engine capacity of 1,586 cc. Even though they have different engine capacities, the two engines are of the same 16 valve type with 4 inline cylinders capable of producing a maximum power of up to 160 PS or equivalent to 4,400 rpm with a maximum torque of 160 Nm or equivalent to 4,400 rpm.

Both Suzuki Swift engines have also been equipped with mutlipoint injection technology which will produce maximum power but is fuel efficient.

In the suspension section, the Suzuki Swift already uses McPherson Strut & Coil Spring suspension at the front, for the rear it uses Torsion Beam & Coil Spring.

Both suspensions are also equipped with disc brakes on both sides which will produce maximum sudden braking. Suzuki Swift is also equipped with an EPS (Electric Power Steering) feature which makes it easier for you to fully and lightly control the driver.

For safety features, the Suzuki Swift is equipped with complete safety features including Dual SRS Airbags for the GX type, Side Impact Beam, Seatvelt and ELR technology, plus ABS and EBD braking technology for the GX and Sport types.

Not only that, the latest Suzuki Swift is also equipped with TECT technology with a body system design that functions to absorb vibrations so it is very safe in the event of a collision.

SUZUKI SWIFT advantages

  • Modern and sporty design like a mini cooper from Japan
  • The transmission shift is quite smooth
  • Equipped with multi-media buttons on the steering wheel
  • Quite a spacious cabin
  • Luxurious interior
  • Efficient fuel consumption
  • Very complete safety features


  • Small luggage
  • The back seat is not too big