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Aston Martin is a British car manufacturing company. Its headquarters are located in Newport Panell. It specializes in the production of expensive hand-assembled sports cars. It is a division of the Ford Motor Company.

The history of the company began in 1914, when two British engineers Lionel Martin and Robert Bamford decided to build a sports car. Originally the brand name was based on the names of two engineers, but the name "Aston Martin" came into existence in memory of the event when Lionel Martin won first prize in the "Aston" racing competition with the first model of the legendary sports car.

The first car designs were made specifically for sports, as they were produced for racing events. The constant participation of Aston Martin models in racing allows the company to gain experience and carry out technical analysis of the car, thereby bringing it to perfection.
The company grew rapidly, but the outbreak of the First World War significantly halted the production workforce.

Robert Bamford

At the end of the war, the company started production but ran into big problems. The company's wealthy investor, Louis Zborovski, died in a race near Monza. Companies that were already in a difficult financial situation turned out to be bankrupt. It was acquired by the inventor Renwick, who, together with his friend, developed a model of a power unit with a camshaft at the top. This discovery serves as a fundamental basis for the launch of the company's future models.

During World War II, the company experienced a significant financial decline and was again on the verge of bankruptcy. The new owner who acquired the company was wealthy businessman David Brown. He made adjustments by adding two capital letters from his initials to the model name of the car.

A production line was launched and several models were launched. Although it should be noted that the "conveyor" is used here as an artistic device, since all the company's models are assembled and assembled by hand.

Brown later acquired another company, Lagonda, where many models were significantly improved. One of them is DBR1 which is in the process of modernization making a breakthrough by taking first place in the Le Mans rally.

Also, the car shot for the film "Goldfinger" brought great fame on the world market.

The company actively produces sports cars that are in great demand. Premium cars have become a new level of production.

In the early 1980s, the company again faced financial difficulties and consequently shifted from one owner to another. It does not greatly affect production and does not cause a harsh characteristic change. Seven years later, the company was acquired by Ford Motor Company, which immediately bought back all of the company's shares.

Ford, based on its manufacturing experience, has produced many modern car models. But after a rather short time, the company has found itself with a new owner Aabar in the form of sponsors Arab and Prodrive, the man who was entrepreneur David Richards, who soon became CEO of the company.

The introduction of new technologies allows the company to achieve extraordinary results and increase profits every year. It should be noted that Aston Martin luxury cars are still assembled by hand. They are equipped with personality, excellence and quality.

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