Advantages of Nissan Terrano

Nissan Terrano

The third generation Nissan Terrano, which was released in 2003-2006, is now very affordable. In the used car market, for standard units that have not been modified with off-road specs, the price ranges from Rp. 50 million to Rp. 120 million.

Apart from the price side, there are several things that make this large SUV still worthy of a loan in 2021. According to Samsul Solihin, Head of Mechanic for Central Nissan BSD specialist workshop, this SUV has an engine with relatively large torque.

"The torque is big, it's clear. In terms of energy, it's small, but when it comes to torque, this car has big torque because it's intended for offroading," said Samsul.

If you look at the specification data from the engine coded Z24 which has a cubication of 2,400 cc, the Nissan Terrano is capable of producing 118 hp at 4,800 rpm and 181 Nm of torque at 2,800 rpm.

The second advantage, according to Samsul, is the relatively affordable maintenance.

"Secondly, maintenance is not too expensive, and now there are many choices of aftermarket spare parts," he said.

As an illustration, the cost of a light service at Central Nissan is around Rp. 600 thousand, including oil changes, tune-ups and several component checks.

Another advantage of the Terrano is that the body material used is still very sturdy, not aluminum like most cars today.

"The body material is still really heavy metal. Most of today's cars use aluminum. It's a minus for this material, in terms of fuel efficiency, it's a bit lacking, but in terms of durability, it's much stronger," he concluded.

Nissan Terrano Mesin engine

In the kitchen runway Nissan Terrano is equipped with a powerful engine, namely the Z24 type engine, 2.4 liter 4 cylinder in line SOHC carburetor which has an engine capacity of 2,400 cc so that this car is able to pass through steep roads and speed on the streets.

With such an engine, the Nissan Terrano is capable of producing a maximum power of 118 hp or equivalent to 4,800 rpm engine speed while the torque reaches 185 Nm or equivalent to 2,800 rpm engine speed. Nissan Terrano only has a 5 speed manual transmission.

Price Used Nissan Terrano

For the price of the used Nissan Terrano, the price is quite affordable for 1995 – 2000 at a price of 55 million – 85 million, while for 2001 – 2006 it is priced at 90 million – 110 million depending on the condition of the car itself.

Advantages of Nissan Terrano

  • The appearance of a dashing and masculine car
  • Spacious cabin capacity
  • Interior appearance is timeless
  • Good car build quality
  • High ground clearance
  • Soft car slam
  • Good cabin damping
  • Spare parts are easy to find
  • Cheap car maintenance costs
  • Can still use premium gasoline

Disadvantages of Nissan Terrano

  • The features in the car are still lacking
  • Not injection yet
  • Energy at the top rotation is sluggish
  • The selling price of the car is low again
  • Only have manual transmission
  • Waste of fuel

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